Ruth and David Aird 2.JPG

Ruth and David Aird

David and Ruth Aird have been involved with Heart of the Matter and have encouraged many to share their life story on the programme since 2007. David edits and produces all the programmes and Ruth is one of the interviewing team.

Fiona and Andrew Don 2.JPG

Fiona and Andrew Don

Andrew and Fiona joined the team a few years ago. Fiona looks after the finances and carries out occasional administrative functions. Andrew stands in as an interviewer and recording technician from time to time. 

Helen and Harvey Stalker 3.JPG

Helen and Harvey Stalker

Harvey and Helen Stalker have been on the team since 2007. Harvey is chair of the team who meet on a regular basis and also interviews. Helen's main role is hospitality enjoyed by all involved on the programme.


Morlin Thomson

Morlin Thomson is an IT consultant and is coordinating the design and development for the website. He is part of the initiative to widen the listenership for heart of the matter radio programmes through cloud based service platforms.



Christy is a Scottish-Norwegian Singer-Songwriter and visual artist. She joined the team as an interviewer in 2020 and looks forward to discovering people´s stories.


Agnes HAggart

Agnes Haggart joined the team in 2020 and is responsible for coordinating the interview schedule.